House Rx Empowers Rheumatology Associates with In-House Dispensing Capabilities

  • Rheumatology Associates will provide patients with faster access to specialty medications by reducing common logistical and financial barriers
  • Closely managed treatments are integral to the outcomes of patients with chronic, progressive and painful rheumatologic diseases
  • House Rx’s in-house specialty medication dispensing model delivers increased control over patient care by integrating the pharmacist within the care team

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — House Rx, the platform for medically integrated dispensing of specialty medications, today announced a partnership with Rheumatology Associates, an independent rheumatology practice located in Louisville, KY, that will bring on-site specialty medication dispensing to its patients.

Medically integrated dispensing (MID) is a seamless method of collaboration between doctors, pharmacists, and clinical staff, who work as one care team to help patients get their medications quickly and with less hassle. This is especially relevant for rheumatologic conditions, where treatments can cease to be effective, or need immediate adjustments to manage progression and ensure that symptoms don’t return.

Rheumatology Associates will lean on House Rx’s specialized technology and services support from a team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to manage the dispensing process internally instead of relying on external specialty pharmacies for all patient-administered therapies. With third-party specialty pharmacies, patients with complex or chronic illnesses often face delays in getting the medications they need.

“We have seen firsthand how delays and confusion involving specialty medications take the delivery of care out of the hands of our care teams,” said Dr. Gary Crump, head rheumatologist at Rheumatology Associates. “Our partnership with House Rx will help us avoid those delays, improving patient care and management. We look forward to working closely with House Rx to provide a more seamless, improved care experience for our patients.”

Missed doses can worsen pain, lead to a flare, potentially cause disease progression, and result in costing the patient more money for treatment and medication over time. MID has been shown to help patients and their care teams manage side effects, monitor the condition, and quickly make medication or dosage adjustments.

“We’re pleased to be able to support Rheumatology Associates in adopting medically integrated dispensing, giving their care teams a way to stay closer to the patient than the traditional method of outsourcing the dispensing and delivery of specialty medications,” said Alerie Stiles, Vice President, Multi-Specialty at House Rx. “The House Rx model allows us to work directly with Rheumatology Associates’ care team to remove barriers and improve patient care and satisfaction.”

House Rx’s network now includes 226 providers that will be able to dispense specialty medications directly to patients via the House Rx platform.

About House Rx

House Rx is a healthcare technology and services company focused on making specialty medication more accessible and affordable. The company partners with specialty clinics across the country to help these community clinics offer medically integrated dispensing, bringing together clinical and pharmacy expertise to better serve patients, lower the cost of care, and create a better experience for patients and their caregivers. Learn more at

About Rheumatology Associates

Rheumatology Associates, PLLC, has been proudly providing medical services to patients in the Louisville area for over 40 years. Independently owned and operated since 1981, the practice provides the latest treatment options in a setting that is both comfortable and reassuring. To efficiently meet patients’ health care needs, the practice offers a broad range of services, including an RN-supervised infusion suite, on-site lab, digital x-rays and ultrasound, to make taking care of rheumatic disease convenient and easy.

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